Apparently congratulating someone for losing weight is now “body shaming”

my fucking sides cannot contain this 

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If you refuse to raise a male child in the future, you are the problem.

If you say “die cis scum” instead of making an effort for actual equality, you are the problem.

If you refuse to listen to a doctor, someone who has years of medical training, about your health situation because they are ‘fat shaming’ you, you are the problem.

If you choose to disrespect someone else due to the bullshit excuse of ‘priviledge’, you are the problem.

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how can people even cry about fucking fatshaming i s2g

i was in forever 21 not long ago and the smallest sizes they had were too fucking big for me? not only that but when people DO try to make smaller sizes, people complain and cry about it! sorry you can’t be our size, but it doesn’t fucking mean you get to cry “meuehguh beauty standards” whenever someone tries to make clothes that will fit.

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Thin privilege isn’t whatever you want to blame your insecurities on. Do you see a shy person coming up with stuff like “confidence privilege”? Take some responsibility.

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The fog caused the fireworks to change the sky color

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Sorry if you've answered this before, but what is the difference between je veux and j'ai envie? Or does it matter which one you use?


je veux = “I want”, it’s a frank need
j’ai envie = a sort of “poetic” version of “I would like”, it’s the sweet desire of something. 

Je veux une glace. 
I want an ice cream. 

J’ai envie d’une glace. 
I really would like an ice cream right now. 

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is this what responsibilities look like

can i just

so bill nighy was wearing a motion capture suit and screaming at johnny depp

and johnny depp had to scream back

without either of them laughing

just imagine that. two grown men, one in pyjamas with balls on his face, and the other in a pirate costume, screaming at the top of their lungs at each other


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Erin Hanson, “Need To Want Less”

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